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Thread: Looking for the author of a children's poem

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    Question Looking for the author of a children's poem

    I was reciting a poem I remembered from one of my sisters books to my Grandson the other day. I vaguely remember the book though not the title or the author. For some reason I still remember the poem though it was fifty years ago. Since it is a lovely poem for children I would love to know the author who wrote something that could stay in my memory for so long. Any help would be appreciated:-

    Closed are the story books on the shelf
    The teddy bear's fast asleep
    The sun has gone from a darkening sky
    And stars through the window peep

    So off we go to the land of Nod
    Down winding lullaby lane
    With the night light fairies to accompany us
    Till morning comes again

    And it that wonderful land of Nod
    Are things that bring delight
    So hurry along or we'll be too late
    Good night little ones, goodnight

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    Could that be Wynken, Blynken, and Nod? Not sure of the author. I could have told you but I lent the book that it's in, to our local library for a Christmas display.
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