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Thread: Opinion on Great Gatsby Themes

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    Wink Opinion on Great Gatsby Themes

    I just have a question for anyone who has read the Great Gatsby and is interesting in sharing their ideas on this topic. Which theme do you think really illustrates what the Great Gatsby is all about: Dreams (aspirations/the american dream) Vision, Honesty/dishonesty, Platonism, or Time. Thank you in advance to all who reply.

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    Oh, and I forgot to mention this originally, please state why also, so I can see your perspective on the matter. Thank you

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    I would personally say either Time or Honesty/Dishonesty. I'm tempted to go for Time.

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    The theme that affected me the most was probably the American Dream. I like how the anticlimax focuses on the tragic character of Gatsby, and the conflict/tensions rising from his pursuit of the dream. There is something very vulnerable about someone who puts everything they have in the pursuit to better themselves and this is something Fitzgerald captures very well through Gatsby's conflicts with Tom and Daisy, who come from the upper class and look down on him, as they would anyone who wants something (e.g. acceptance from their class, belonging) bad enough.

    The next theme I'd go for is honesty/dishonesty. Every character, including Nick, is dishonest to their own self. The only person who is true to himself, true to his dream, even true to his love (for Daisy) is Gatsby.

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    I'd have to say that the major themes are male/female relationship, Desire and Dishonesty.
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    Carelessness is a major theme in my opinion; the car crash outside Gatsby's party, Jordan's careless driving, Tom and Daisy's actions, no one attending Gatsby's funeral (they dont care about him) and other examples

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    I think there are several...some previously mentioned.

    But I also think that "trying to repeat the past" is s theme.

    Nick and Gatsby speak after his last party.
    "you can't repeat the past."
    "Can't repeat the past? Of course, you can!"

    Gatsby was trying to get Daisy to wash her hands of Tom and his memory and marry Gatsby in her parents living room. He was hoping to undo the last five years. The green light at the end of her dock was the hope in doing so.

    The last line of the book....borne back ceaselessly against the past.

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