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Thread: For the Christmas Poetry Contest

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    For the Christmas Poetry Contest

    “… to all… good night.”

    angels are sprawled
    in the longest reach my children could snow-afford on my former green lawn
    over-played carols over-play the car ride to the store, where they will continue
    an embarrassment of lights dangle ‘side a staple-holed roof trim
    somewhere, not ‘nough off too far, there are
    yards watching snowmen come and go
    behind the windows that hold kitchens
    the bills are a pilin’
    the car’s in the driveway needing to be plugged in
    the mailman’s griping ‘bout the weight of his sack
    dropping off cards he’d gladly drag back
    the t.v.’s got little relief
    there’s a log burning on a 24 hour channel
    that someone someday'll
    commercial the crap out of
    office parties
    forum the drunk, “Here’s what I really think of you…”
    spark the short lived, misappropriate romance
    the mall cattle call. . . from parking lot to till
    warrants wrappings to be hauled away
    to some landfill
    waiting for Valentine’s Day

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    I like it a lot-
    It is complete
    Like a small film
    "Remember, we are all in this alone." - Lilly Tomlin

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