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Thread: Dante's Inspiration

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    Dante's Inspiration

    Hello everybody!

    I have read the 'Inferno'. It is really Magnificent work. I have, though, a problem in finding 'the Purgatory' but I'm sure I'll get it somehow. Now, let me ask you a question, does ANYBODY know where Dante got the inspiration to write the entire 'Divine Comedy'. If anybody knows answer to this question, I would ask him to answer me.

    Jovan Jakic

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    My impression is that it's equal parts personal reconnection to his religion and his desire for revenge against people who wronged him, most notably exiling him from Florence.

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    It may be true to a certain degree. The text contains many political references concerning Dante's own time and native land. It does not only a reflection towards the ones who wronged Dante but also the Italians. One has to know at least a few things about their history to grasp the meaning between the lines.

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