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Thread: Help with short movie/film project

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    Help with short movie/film project

    Hello everyone,
    I have missed all of you. I am sorry I haven`t come around for a long time, college is breaking me down. I am about to finish soon, and this is the call.

    On Thursday, I have to submit the synopsis of my final project which is definitely a 5-30 minutes movie. I am all confused, I have always had ideas. It`s so hard when you get to the deadline without making up your mind on the topic.

    I actually ask of you to suggest topics to talk about. Submitting the synopsis on Thursday will be followed by the preparation of the whole plot.

    Thanks for advance,
    Kisses to you all.
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    Idk, watch some films to inspire you. Ingmar Bergman and Federico Fellini are inspiring
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