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Thread: Happy Birthday Pensive!

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    Oh Pensy, you are too funny. It's been a pleasure watching you mature here. So you're no longer that talkative, yakity little girl?

    It has been a year since the last interview. What have been the high and low points?
    Life hasn't been very eventful for me in the last year, there have mostly been no high points unless you count the very little things that are difficult to keep track of anyway.
    Low points: Basically the deterioration of my grammar, vocabulary, memory, and the ability to concentrate well on something.
    And you're only seventeen. What will happen when you reach my age?

    "Love follows knowledge." Ė St. Catherine of Siena

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    Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
    Must be Taliesin. He is great at theft.
    Lies! Lies!
    Not that I deny my skill in theft (or in other fields of life, coming to that), but frankly, accusing such a virtous and moral man as I am in the hideous crime of cookie theft? I must say that I am shocked. Utterly, utterly shocked.

    (well, mainly I am shocked because you found out, but how did you see? I was very careful)
    If you believe even a half of this post, you are severely mistaken.

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    meh reckon yer own arse kinda filched the cookie when nobody was like looking and now ye are going around blaiming proper innocent people like - thats just not cool at all! gotta stand up for the truth and all

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    Happy Birthday, Pensive!

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