You canít find it in bars
So much distraction and hullabaloo
Not in big gatherings, no
Too much fuss and hoopla
Not a feeling to spoil it
Nor a thought making it come about

Its silent and queer ways
You wonít see it coming
Inexplicable, cryptic.
You can picture it smilingó
Of amusement? Pleasure? Mockery?
Youíd wonder.

The greatest lessons arenít in books
Who doesnít know
You learn humility
From the innocent and new
Itís time to pronounce righteousness
As a mortal sin

You just think Iím unpredictable
What do we have now?
A prelude to an eternal ending
Hate happy endings anyway
Now you remember that fable
The one about the fox

But donít give me the worst
Open-ended ones
Thatís my game, so you know it too?
Hey, theyíre ideal for stories
Romantic, they say
Endless possibilities

Donít let life pass you by
They used to warn
Who admits theyíre lonely?
And one more,
Who thinks of values these days?
I should be a teacher.