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Thread: Addiction to PHANTOM

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    Lightbulb Addiction to PHANTOM

    In the first week of purchase, I read PHANTOM OF THE OPERA seven times in seven days. ILOVE IT. My friend even made me a shirt for my birthday that said PHANTOM ADDICT. I wear it at least once a week. I learned every line of the musical in 3 months (it took me over 12 years to memorie most of WIZARD OF OZ), can quote part of the book, and plan on watching the silent film (with the AMAAAAAAAZING Lon Chaney Sr.) the next time it comes on Turner Classic Movie Channel.

    Correction: I'm not addicted, I'M IN LOVE!

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    Join the club! I bought the movie for my best friend, and we watched it for the entire day. I've read the book hundreds of times. I'm pretty sure that was the one book that gave me the huge fine on my library card (before I bought my own copy). Everyone says I'm obsessed!
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