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    The Jungle

    You now know why we have real estate laws, labor laws, and why the USDA has grown to what it is now. It is amazing how some things are the same within the business. Of course there have been large changes but in many ways things are the same. All forms of government if done properly should work. Capitolism should work, Socialism should work, but none work like they should. There is a greed factor that takes over and it does not matter what form of government is in charge. Some of the people running the government will be greedy, dishonest, and motivated by self interest. I enjoyed The Jungle. Life is not a bed of roses for many people. The book shows how much harder things were then in comparison to now.

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    Hello I am reading this book and have not yet finished reading it I still have a long way to go and its due next week. I am reading this because a have to do a book review and one thing I must include in my assignment is an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the book, the outstanding ideas, theories, arguments, or qualities of the book, and I must support my analysis with examples from the book.

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