I've done this game in another forum. So I thought I'd try it here. It was initially a game a high school student invented, to improve his/her writing skills. But it catched on, and became really popular.

Since I need to improve my writing too, I might as well.
I'm not sure if it'll work here. If it doesn't. Oh well.


1. I say a word. Say.. I said "Rainbow"

2. The next poster has to write a short diary-rambling/story/paragraph or a poem, a song etc. with the word "Rainbow" as the title.

3. Then this poster can choose their own word (doesn't really have to be one word). .. like... "Time Machine"

4. The poster after him/her then has to review or critique the last poster's work, giving compliments and/or words of improvement. This poster, then does the same. Writing something with "Time Machine" as the title.

5. Next poster after that, does the same. So on and so forth.

Get it?

1) Please try to refrain from writing things that can be considered as 'over-18' For our younger readers. Lol.

2) Try to refrain from swearing.

3) Follow the rules o_o Can that be considered a rule? Whatever.

I will start with giving three different words. So there won't be any stucks.
(The limit of word choice is three. So everyone can only add one word a time)

1. Goddess
2. Moon
3. Eyeliner