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    Topic sentence

    I am having problems creating a topic sentence in the beginning paragraph would this be considered acceptable. This for an English Comp II class.

    Since I was a young child my family has traveled to many places around the world mainly Central and South America. During a recent trip to one of my favorite places Belize I was amazed at the hostility toward Americans. At the local stands which used to be a great place to buy a soda and chat it up; most Belizeans now barley say hello. Most will simply hand you the requested item with a disdainful look. I soon realized something had changed. Belize no longer seemed to be the easy going friendly place I remember. I began to ask myself what happened to the love people used to have for Americans?

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    It's not a bad paragraph (once you tidy up the punctuation, spelling & the tenses.)

    I think your premise, however is probably a bit off the mark. At no time in your lifetime, or even mine, has anyone loved Americans away from home. Maybe, if the rednecks don't bring him down, your present leader will change that. Meanwhile, honest people fear them, the rest affect to despise them, (in the mass that is - individually Americans are as lovable as people of any other nations, and, if you stay around, you will find some really nice Americans on this forum.)

    If you are realizing that Americams are not popular, that may be because you are growing up. When you were a child, most people, no doubt, enjoyed your presence and ignored your nationality (children, after all, are a separate nation of their own, whatever their passports say.)
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