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Thread: Friendly forum advice ;) ?

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    Thumbs up Friendly forum advice ;) ?

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    Cool Anyone who can read the classic English authors .... Chaucer ...

    to Dickens to Evelyn Waugh to Pelham Grenville Wodehouse can read anything written by an American author. The one good thing about literature is that it isn't confined to the author's country. Once a book is published, it belongs to the world.

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    I am not so sure that it matters that much. Anything written in the English language (as opposed to a translation) belongs to English literature in my opinion (ie the literature of the English language & English speaking peoples). A lot of it would be subjective personal tastes. I tend to prefer British poets to American ones as a whole, yet I like a lot of American Sci Fi writers & apart from writers like H.G. Wells & Olaf Stapledon I tend to prefer the likes of Philip K. Dick, Robert A. Heinlein & James Blish to UK based authors. Obviously there are cultural & idiomatic differences to take into account but I don't think that is particularly difficult.
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