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Thread: Need Help with Iliad!

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    Need Help with Iliad!

    hey all. i have to find instances of the following things in the iliad. I have read the book, but it has been a while. I am in a bind and any help would be much appreciated. i need to cite the line in the text where the event occurs. If you could even help with the harder ones, i can do the easy ones. Thank you guys i just have so much on my plate right now. Here is the list.

    1. Eating & drinking
    2. Lovemaking (between man and woman)
    3. Lovemaking (between god and goddess)
    4. Giving birth
    5. Marital discord
    6. Marital harmony
    7. Spinning or weaving
    8. Sending a written message
    9. Threshing (not winnowing) grain
    10. Sailing
    11. Fishing
    12. Trading armor
    13. Building
    14. Playing a musical instrument
    15. Forging (metal)
    16. Robot maidens
    17. Defiling a corpse.
    18. Human sacrifice
    19. Boxing
    20. Chariot racing

    let me know if you email anything

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    I should tell Keyt.

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    Good luck with the robot maidens.

    The body defiling one is easy, after Achilles kills Hector, it is only like the major turning point in the entire epic.

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