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Thread: Death of A Salesman

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    Death of A Salesman

    Arthur Miller's Death of A Salesman is a powerful play that still resonates with contemporary audiences. At a time with factory layoffs and closings, outsourcing and downsizing many Americans can relate to Willy Loman who is a type of everyman. There is a little of Willie in all of us; he has big dreams but no way of achieving those dreams. He is even denied the privilege of living vicariously through his sons, for they turn out to be n'er-do-wells.
    What do the rest of you think of this play?

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    i like it

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    Post Add a new scene for death of a salesman

    Hey I have something similar, but I am adding a new scene that would fit nicley into the existing play. I am writing 15 lines for it, but would like any suggestions that someone would have or any interesting scenes that may come to mind, but only new scenes not existing ones.

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