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Thread: Another One Bites the Dust ...

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    Another One Bites the Dust ...

    Another attempt at a short story to submit to the October competition. Abandoned after thirty minutes.


    A month after his thirteenth birthday he was caught trying to steal a single flathead screwdriver from the general store. His mother was working a double shift that evening and it was his step-father that had been contacted. Neither spoke on the ride home.

    He sat on his bed, head down, with his hands between his thighs and did not move until he heard his step-father calling him, “Cody.” His step-father called.
    Cody followed the voice down the shifting stairs and into the basement.
    “Take off ’ur shirt.”
    Cody didn’t respond.
    “Take hit off Goddamit.”
    Cody removed his shirt and held it to his stomach.
    “Giv’ hit ‘ere.”
    Cody’s jaw began to shake.
    “Goddamit,” his step-father grabbed the shirt from the boy’s hands and replaced it with a pair of large boxing gloves. “Put’em on. Look a‘ me. See how I do hit. Do like me.”
    Cody watched his step-father. He put on one glove and tightened it with his free hand and then the other tightening it with his teeth.
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    So far so good.

    I'ts clear and compelling reading so far, why stop now? I refuse to believe you're out of ideas.

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