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Thread: what do joyces books have in common

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    what do joyces books have in common

    Hi, Iv read Eveline, counterparts and A Little Cloud and have noted they are very simular. does any body have any themes or ideas about this and is most of joyces work the same, in how it relates to each other.

    Any foughts on this would be a great help

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    One underlying current in Joyce's work is his fascination with Irish-Catholic culture, as well with literature and the history of literature itself. Much of his middle and later works are based on Greek mytholohgy, and contain almost an infinite amount of allusions to many many works from the Western Canon.

    There is of course a dichodemy splitting his works in half; the early ones with a mastery in minimalistic subtle prose, and the middle and later ones with an ingenious revolutionary style and story-telling, which flipped the literary world on its head.
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