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Thread: Evil in alice in wonderland?

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    Smile Evil in alice in wonderland?

    How is evil defined in the book?
    Who is the primary villain?
    How does the villain contribute to the development of the child protagonist?

    I would have to say that the Queen is the clear villain and representation of evil in the book. But how does she contribute to the development of Alice?

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    Although the queen has a weird taste for sentences I think the Chesire Cat still gives nightmares. I honestly don't know if in a certain way the Chesire Cat is responsible for Alice's trial (I remember Disney film - the cat is really weird). I still don't know what is the point of that cat!

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    I have not read this book in my babyhood and I did not know or have no access to such books, but I told the story to little children when I was a teacher. This book fascinated me beyond limits. I found this book as a story as every child feels his imaginations get fuelled and as an adult I find many allegorical things or underlying ideas that appealed to me immeasurably

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