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Thread: Humor in Huck Finn

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    Humor in Huck Finn

    Hi, i have this assignment in English class and I need to find some piece of humor in Mark Twain's novel, "Huck Finn". I was wondering if any had any ideas or feedback? Thanks!!

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    humor in huck finn

    Twain's humor is more satire than absurdity, (see for example Dave Barry for a more absurd type of humor). When Huck realizes in his naive way that he'll never make it into the Widow's or the Judge's heaven this is a type of humor. Tom's need to complicate the simplest of matters in order to make them seem more picturesque or exiting is another type of humor.
    Hemingway considered Thw Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to be the beginning of American literature. I don't know what he meant by this but I always thought that it was an allusion, at least in part, to the different characters of Tom and Huck and there different humors.


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    I'm in an AP English course in my highschool, and for our next class we need to find and annotate 8 articles on a certain aspect of Huck Finn.
    (I'm posting in here because my aspect is the humor in Huck Finn.)

    The minimum is 6 pages and the max is around 28, but I've been having trouble finding articles. I've used the sites provided by our school libraries for research, and so far I have found, well, nothing related to my topic.
    I've been trying google, but so far all the articles I've found have been over the max... Could anyone help me?

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