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Thread: Nation by Terry Pratchett

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    Nation by Terry Pratchett

    I approached this book expecting it to be another "discworld" style book yet I was suprised.

    Set in the pacific ocean (in another dimension) it tells the story of Mau, an islander, after his home is wiped out by a tidal wave. Joining Mau is an english girl who is shipwrecked. The first half of the book is just that really. Misunderstandings, learning each others culture and language. Then more people join them and the first threat of the "Raiders".

    Terry cleverly increases the tension as the book goes on and asks very serious questions about religion and worship. The comic elements are restrained but still funny. The pace was slow yet never dragged and was well handled.

    Overall, I felt a bit dissapointed by it. It was clever, funny, even sad at times, but the characters, apart from Mau and Daphne, were very weak. Terry always has good characters even in small roles but he didn't seem to acheive that with this book. I found it a bit disjointed too.

    Overall, an interesting read to make you think, yet something missing.


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    Thanks for the review Thespian -- I am looking to read some Pratchet; I'll know not to start my reading of this author with this text.

    Good Hunting!
    “Oh crap”
    -- Hellboy

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