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Thread: I love the novel, Heidi, a Girl of the Alps.

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    I love the novel, Heidi, a Girl of the Alps.

    Hello, I read a few chaperts from Heidi, a girl of the Alps recently, and my tears often trickled down. I guess it was because I grew up with my grandpa, just like Heidi, in a countryside, and I found some difficulty in getting along with some of my relatives who were rich and famous, when I was growing up. When Heidi was moved to a place far away from her home high up in the mountain, she became really sad deep within her heart that she finally gave way to sleep walk. In my opinion, the girl, Heidi best describes what Emerson wrote in his essay, nature, that the rays of stars only shot into the eyes of children or those adults with the mind of children. Only children can see through nature and enjoy its blessings. I wish I still had the mind of a child. Anyway, I enjoy reading Heidi quite a lot.
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    I loed "Heidi" when I was young. I loved the idea of living in the Alps, her descriptions of the countryside-and the food! That always made my mouth water.Even though her grandfather was gruff, it was apparent he loved Heidi. They had a bond.

    I liked the scenes with Clara. In fact, thinking about it now, "Heidi" is kind of like "Pollyanna" and "The Secret Garden" rolled into one.
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