It would seem that in this book, Mr. Baum has forgotten how the love magnet works and also that Polychrome and the Shaggy Man are already good friends. In his previous story, The Road to Oz, the Shaggy Man and Polychrome travel together with Dorothy, Toto, and Button Bright to the land of Oz for Ozma's birthday celebration. However, in this story Polychrome and the Shaggy Man seem to be perfect strangers, which makes no sense. Also, in The Road to Oz, all love the Shaggy Man simply because he carries the love magnet, and in this story he much show it to people before they will love him. These inconsistencies are one of the few things that marr the wonderful stories of Oz. I wish he had paid better attention to what he had written before so that the stories would flow better.