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Thread: Help - quote!

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    Help - quote!

    Hello, lads!

    I am writing paper for my university (civil engineering) and I want to quote Tolstoy, but I am not sure from where is it: Anna Karenina or War and Peace (probably W&P), others are excluded surely.
    Quote goes something like: When two are in fight/quarrel, they are always both wrong.

    I've tried boolean search, but nothing comes up.
    I can write that it's from W&P, but it just wouldn't be fair

    At thunder and tempest, At the world's coldheartedness,
    During times of heavy loss And when you're sad
    The greatest art on earth Is to seem uncomplicatedly gay.

    To get things clear, they have to firstly be very unclear. But if you get them too quickly, you probably got them wrong.
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    Don't recall that line from Anna Karenina, am currently reading W&P and have not come across anything like that line yet.

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