Hello everybody,

this is my first attempt in writing short stories,enjoy

The greedy Girls
Once upon a time in a very far place surrounded by woods ,rivers and waterfalls, used to live a very rich Princess called Marie,she was known for her lovely soft voice ,when she sang her music charms all people around her,even animals were charmed because her voice was just like a magic spell that chained evey person's imagination.But this girl was so sad even her voice was a source of happiness her ugly face was a source of sadness.She got very very ugly features no one can look at her face without being shocked that's why she was always wearing a scarf just to hide that horrible look.At the same time in the same place used to live an other girl whose name was Sarah,she was a very pretty girl with blue eyes like the paving waves of the ocean,with a silky hair like the sun beams ,bland with red cheeks like berries.But this girl too wasn't happy with her life she looked always up and not down ,always dreaming of getting lovely dresses because she was very poor and had nothing in life just her lovely face.Fate was the strongest because it gathered both girls in the same place at the same time to experience a change in their lives.
Near to that place(village),lived an old naughty mysterious wench who was known for her witchcraft.She was very famous because people spread the rumour that the one who enters her cave in the montain will come with a different thing in hand.She was a very mysterious creature some people said that she was a saton others said she was an evil spirit but no one truly know the reality because she took the shapes of many things.The only truth is that she gives help to anybody who asks for it.
Marie and Sarah both heard about that woman and fate made them think to go at the same time to that witch.Each one of them took her own way crossing rivers and woods many days and nights till at the end they met in the front yard of the cave.When they saw each other they felt happy because they will be together they knew each others names without asking for each others aims and went together inside the cave.
It was so dark a place that was occupied by rats and bats covered with dust and spider webs no glimpse of light no fresh air ,the more they went deeper the more they got frightened and shook in fear.They held each others hands and tried to continue eventhough,they were afraid but their desires were stronger than any fear.At the end they reached a very large room full of gilded candles in every place ,smoke coming out of the ashes of a fire and a lot of mummified animals hang on the walls(rats,bats,lizards,pigs....etc),they were shocked at the first sight but the tornado of their wishes obliged them to continue their way and no chance to go backward.They roamed in that room from one side to an other but suddenly a wind blew so heavily and the lights of the candles went off ,they started crying shouting asking for help but the more their voices became louder the more the echoes got stronger they weptand wept till they felt a sleep.
Nights and days,hours and minutes were passed and the girls still sleeping in a peaceful way.Till they woke up to find themselves next to a fire and a weired woman.At that time the girls stared at each other not knowing what to say so confused with a lot of questions in their minds.Their confusion became stronger when they saw her waving her hands around the fire and pronoucing those hocus pocus words,and suddenly turns towards them and say:
Welcome girls to my own house.
The girls in a very hesitated manner said Th n k y ou ma'am
Witch:I know it all;I know all the secrets behind these eyes I'm the spirit that haunts your bodies I'm the one who's going to help you.
The girls smiled in a way to show gratitude but the witch said
stop smiling I know all about those fake smiles I can distinguish a fake smile from a true one from a whole mile
The girls were fixed in their places without knowing what to say
Witch;look girls,I can help you to realize your dreams and your wishes will be a reality but I still have one condition.
The girls because they wanted to change their lives said with one voice yes we do agree ma'am
witch:If you want to get something you must sacrifice something in return
and the girls once more agreed because they were blinded by the glitter of the witche's promise
witch:Marie you come first I know that you want to be a very pretty girl I saw that in your dreams when you were asleep don't you?
Marie:yes I do with all my heart
Witch:very well then,before you get your wish you must provide me with a promise that all what I'll ask for will be done.

Marie;you have my word.
and the witch started putting a spell on her till she looked like a mermaid much beautiful than a a fairy she was sparkling like a star in a colourful dress Marie started dancing forgeting all about her past thinking of the happiness she will have.And while marie was in her own world of magic and happiness Sarah steped forward to try her luck.
witcho you see your friend ,do you want to be happy just like her.
Sarah was so excited and wanted to be happy as well, said of course I do
witch:As I told your friend you must give something in return
Sarah:Yes I will ,thinking that the offer will be money or gold from the one she'll get.
And the witch oncagain used her magic words and made her glitter like gold and covered with jewels from top to toe and not just that she told her that she became very rich with castles in every where in the village and with endless fortune.With alot of servants and maids and boxes of diamonds and golden coins.sARAH was so happy as well.
Both girls realized their dreams ,both girl are living now in complete happiness and both girls do not know what is waiting in the darkness of that world.
They left the cave and each one of them went to her own new life with excitement and happiness for a long time.

Life is not always pink take it easy and let it accept it as it is and try to live in harmony with all simplest means you have,those words had no value in the world of these girls.Years were passed and the witch disappeared with no return and so she didn't ask the girls for anything.It is said that not all glitter is gold and so it was the case in that story of those greedy girls ,the witch didn't come back because she fulfiled her mission now she'll get her part without any efforts.The witch left the girls to pay her back in an other way.Marie and Sarah spent a long time enjoying themselves and they forgot all about that wiered witch as if she had never been an important part in their lives e,venthough they thought in that way the witch was always with them during all that time haunting their spirits waiting to take her revenge from all human beings.This fake life that has been showered by the witch's power was not God's gift and so it won't last forever it'll now turns to be a bitter life than a sweet one,a dark grave than a colourful rainbow all the masks with fall apart and the real face will be shown.Marie and Sarah with their beauty and wealth starting falling in a deep whole ,sinking in an endless sea.Marie with her borrowed beauty Became so rude and mean,she forgot all about her soft voice she didn't sing any more her life now was just a passive life infront of the mirror with fashion ,she became narcisistic and egocentric girl ,she thought that she is the centre of the universe ,no one has the right to appear when she is out ;she is the onely princess on the stage where all lights must be on her,where all eyes must appreciate her beauty.While Marie was so far from her real past life ,Sarah too went too far she became a very selfish girl,her life was just to gother more money ,more wealth and fortune she locked all doors of socialization ,kind hearted girl and charity and opened all doors of evil and crulety.Evil now was the supreme power that dominated the girls' lives they were fallen in a whirles of woes and troubles eventhough for them it was heaven in fact it was hell.The witch now is very happy because she took her revenge,she did the same with all people who had asked her for help,she gave them eveything they wanted but her aim was to spread darkness ,to make all human beings evil by forgeting all about the good senses of love,pity kindness and all other sweet feelings .She was laughing because she saw those weak people who instead of asking God went to her they were alive but dead in the soul.Their spirits were locked in a cage and dropt away in a very far place .But we all know that hope is always present in all people's hearts ,this seed of hope is just waiting for a shower to breed and flourish and so it will lead to faith which can make miracles.

After A GLOOMY DAY A sunny one will come because there is a wind of hope that pushes the clouds away from the sun to make it shines above the vast hills of life.Marie and Sarah were trying to deny all good human senses just to feel happy with what they got from that witch ,but as far as there is a tiny light in the their hearts nothing will stop it from dominating the whole darkness of their hearts.That light spreaded like fire in wood ,it ate all the ill thoughts and emotions and obliged them to think logically .Marie started thinking of her life and how it became aimless ,how she lost all her friends including her pets and birds which were previously in love with her voice and good manners.For Sarah she became so sad and angry because she found her self alone far from her simple happy life with her family,she regreted all those meaningless moments she spent .So both girls prayed God to forgive them and to forgive their foulish mistakes and because they had a true repentence ,God forgave them and sent his peace to haunt their hearts ,all those spells disappeared for ever all the fake things gone ,Marie realized that the beauty is the beauty of the soul not of the face and so she became proud of her self eventhough she was ugly ,her good deeds made all people liked her and looked at her with great appreciation .For Sarah she realized that the richness is that of the mind with all knowledge and information it contains ,she started reading as much as she could and she became a governess earning her own money,teaching girls to be good citizens .Both girls became good friends and each time they met they talked about their experience and thanked God for saving them and showing them the right way and of course they were so grateful to the Almighty because of that precious friendship that was based on respect .They wanted to make all people aware of the cunning of the witch ,that cursed experience disappeared but the witch found an other place and put her trap in their for people with weak spirits.

Morals behind the story:
1.Satissfaction is the onely source of happiness.
2.The weak heart is a source of damage for human beings
3.Not all glitter is gold
4.Happiness is related to God the Almighty and all other ways are sources of sadness