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Thread: Did Pushkin have a love affair with some peasant girl before to marry?

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    Did Pushkin have a love affair with some peasant girl before to marry?

    Ι believe I read somewhere long ago that Pushkin had an affair with some peasant girl which he abandoned before to marry his wife Natalia.
    Also I think there is amongst his books someone with a subject similar to this event (the affair with the abandoned poor girl in the country).
    I do not find anything now when studying his biographies in the net.
    Maybe I imagined that?

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    Pushkin was a well known womanizer

    It's a well know fact that Pushkin was a terrible womanizer- he had a huge number of affairs. One of his most famous ones was with Anna Kern to whom he dedicated a lot of his poems. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, Pushkin has caught a veneric disease from one of his adventures

    Would be surprised one bit if he had an affaie with a peasant girl...

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