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Thread: Need some help please with Julius Caesar, full review I got no time to do cause math.

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    Need some help please with Julius Caesar, full review I got no time to do cause math.

    Act One

    1. What two reasons, one humorous and one serious, does the Cobbler give Flavius for closing his shop?

    2. Why does Marullus call the mob “senseless things!”? (lines 35-55)

    3. What does Flavius tell the commoners to do?

    4. How do the common folk react to the tribunes’ words? (line 63-75)

    5. What do Marullus and Flavius undertake to do? (lines 63-75)

    6. What does the Soothsayer tell Caesar to beware of, and how does Caesar respond?

    7. What does Brutus perceive as a difference in character between Antony and himself?

    (lines 28-29)

    8. What does Brutus reply when Cassius accuses him of behaving in a cold, strange manner?

    9. Find one sentence spoken by Cassius that claims he sees Brutus’ nobility better than Brutus himself can. (lines 66-78)

    10. What types of weaknesses in Caesar does Cassius point out to Brutus in lines 100-131?

    11. Do you think this weakness would hinder Caesar’s ability as Roman emperor? Why or why not?

    12. In lines 162-175, how does Brutus react to Cassius’ arguments against Caesar?

    13. As Caesar and his retinue approach, how do they appear to Brutus?

    14. What type of man does Caesar tell Antony he wants around him? Why?

    15. Why does Caesar believe Cassius will never be “at heart’s ease”? (lines208-210)

    16. How does Casca react to Antony’s triple offer of kingship to Caesar? (lines 234-247)

    17. What chronic illness does Caesar suffer?

    18. What does Cassius plan to do to win Brutus’ cooperation?

    19. List a few of the strange things Casca has seen this night (scene 3, lines 15-28)

    and tell what he thinks they signify (lines 28-32).

    20. To whom does Cassius compare this strange and fearful night?

    21. What do the senators plan to do on the ides of March, according to Casca?

    22. Who does Cassius blame for Caesar’s tyranny? (lines 103-115)

    23. Who do Cassius and Casca hope to win over to their plan before morning?

    24. Match the character with the adjective that best describes him.

    _____ Caesar _____ Brutus a. angry c. arrogant

    _____ Antony _____ Cassius b. cautious d. obedient

    Act Two

    1. What is Brutus worried will happen if Caesar is crowned? (lines 10-34)

    2. What promise does Brutus make to Rome?

    3. To what does Brutus compare the mental anxiety he has been experiencing? (lines 60-69)

    4. Indicate below two words Brutus uses to describe conspiracy. (lines 77085)

    5. What reason does Brutuus give for not wanting to swear an oath to what they have resolved to do? (lines 114-119)

    6. What reason does Metellus give for wanting to include Cicero in their conspiracy? (lines 144-149)

    7. What reason does Brutus give for excluding Cicero? (lines 150-152)

    8. What does Brutus suggest they do about Antony? Why? (lines 162-183)

    9. Who among the men is not convinced by Brutus’ argument?

    10. According to Decius, what is a sure-fire way to flatter Caesar?

    11. Portia is unhappy about Brutus’ recent behavior (lines 237-256)

    12. What does Brutus tell her? (lines 305-309)

    13. Just as Portia was concerned about Brutus’ welfare, so too is Calpurnia concerned for Caesar. How does Calpurnia’s concern differ from Portia’s?

    14. What does Caesar say that shows he views unrealistically his personal power in the face of danger? (lines 41-47)

    15. What reason does Caesar tell Decius to convey to the Senate for his not coming? (lines 71-79)

    16. Describe Calpurnia’s dream as revealed by Caesar.

    17. How is the dream interpreted by Decius? (lines 83-90)

    18. What does Artemidorus have for Caesar?

    19. Portia, in a very agitated state, sends Lucius to the Capito to gather information. What does she want to know?

    20. To a greater or lesser degree, each of the characters below has knowledge of the conspiracy to kill Caesar that is afoot.

    Tell how each uses that knowledge in the play.




    Act Three

    1. Is Artemidorus successful in presenting his document to Caesar?

    2. What does Metellus ask of Caesar?

    3. What does Caesar’s response to Metellus, Brutus, and the others tell you about his self-image? (lines 55-70)

    4. Who is the first to stab Caesar? Who is the last?

    5. Why do you think Caesar stops defending himself when he sees the dagger in Brutus’ hand?

    6. What does Brutus feel every Roman has gained by the assassination? (lines 103-110)

    7. Cassius feels that the assassination of Caesar will go down in history. How does he feel he and the other men will be remembered?

    8. What is Antony’s attitude toward the conspirators? (lines 149-164)

    9. Brutus attempts to explain their actions to Antony, offering brotherly love. What does Cassius offer Antony?

    10. Antony’s second speech serves as a thinly veiled eulogy for Caesar. To what does Antony compare the conspirators in this speech? (lines 195-211)

    11. What does Antony want to do with Caesar’s body?

    12. How does Cassius react to this? What does Brutus resolve to do? (lines 233-243)

    13. After the conspirators leave, Antony prophesies over Caesar’s body. Summarize that prophecy in your own words. (lines 255-276)

    14. Note how Brutus builds his self-defense on two series of parallel statements. Fill in the conclusions to the second series.

    There is tears for_______________________________________________ ___________

    joy for __________________________________________________ _______________

    honor for __________________________________________________ _____________

    death for __________________________________________________ _____________

    15. What does Brutus say he will do if the good of the country calls for it?

    16. What does Antony mean when he says, “I speak not to disprove what Brutus spoke,/ But here I am to speak what I do know”? (lines 100-101)

    17. How is the crowd responding to Antony’s speech?

    18. In refusing to read Caesar’s will to the crowd, what frame of mind does Antony hope to transfer to them? (lines 127-136 and 140-145)

    19. Which was “the most unkindest cut of all”?

    20. How does Antony suggest that the death of Caeser is the death of each individual Roman?

    21. In lines 207-225, Antony denies having the ability to “stir men’s blood.” Is this true?

    22. What do the citizens go off to do? (lines 250-256)

    23. Although there is some humor in the mistaken identity of Cinna here, this scene points up a serious development in Rome after the assassination. Antony had prophesied as much. What is this development?

    24. Now that you have read Brutus’ and Antony’s speeches, who do you believe was in the right? Explain.

    Please if you could help me and complete this worksheet. I really need this but I don't have time to do it cause of the following test comming up I need to study for geometry and science. PLEASE HELP.

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    On Act 2, what is # 13 and 20?

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    It won't take you that long, seriously. Go on SparkNotes if you're really stuck.

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