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Thread: theme of magic in the tempest= help PLZ!!!

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    Question theme of magic in the tempest= help PLZ!!!

    hi my teacher set me an essay on the theme of magic in the tempest and i've got writers block. HELP PLZ!!!! any ideas???

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    Here's a website that discusses the theme of the supernatural in the Tempest. If you scroll down to the bottom ("Chew on This"), they even give you two sample theses to think about.

    If you need quotations for your paper, check out the "quotes" tab, and you might also like to glance at the theme of the "the divine". Hope this helps!

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    omg thank u soooooooooooo much i totally love u!!!!!! this ROCKS!!!!

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    Marked! I will come back to check this soon!thanks a lot.:-)
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