"Oh for crying out loud, why did it have to rain, why now, why me!"
Victoria Shaw ran faster than she had in years to get out of the sudden downpour which instantly emptied fifth avenue of its usual crowd of shoppers.
Inside the posh jewelry store she shook her golden chin- length coiff and reaching for her silver compact flipped it open to reveal her image, soft oval face set with jewelled blue eyes that wore sooty lashes, and ruby lips, heartshaped and sensitive.
The twenty year old quickly repaired her face and then looked up at the discreet cough of a well groomed and garbed salesman who stood looking at her.
She realized she was in the way of a couple of aristocratic looking ladies who were eager to get all the way into the gilt edged door and into the store to start looking at the wares.
"Oh pardon me, I did not mean to be in the way, I'll just move' murmurred Victoria with a slight blush.
The ladies nodded politely and moved past the girl and the salesman gave her a smile and an appreciative look. For she was no ordinary looking young woman.
She had the classic beauty of a Grace Kelly , even more refined if that were possible, and the simple elegant and costly clothing she wore, today a linen suit in pale creamy yellow, matching bag and slightly darker linen heels gave Victoria the look and air of a real princess, the true goods. And that was not far off, for she was the youngest of a shipping magnate and money was hers for the asking.
A mature well coiffed woman walked over to the girl and asked in a husky well bred voice' does the young lady care to look at anything. We have a fabulous collection of rings and bracelets for our summer wear, and just a look at your topaz earrings tells me you are a person of the highest tastes.'
'Well, Victoria glanced at her diamond studded wrist watch, 'alright I have time before I must leave, rain or no.Certainly I will take a look at some rings, I have a sister who will be celebrating a birthday soon, so lead me to them if you please.'
For the next fifteen minutes or so Victoria was now an expert in jewels, something she had learned from her father and with her eye to the glass provided she examined each ring while the woman attending held her breath hoping to make a sale.
Finally Victoria chose a tiny pink heart shaped diamond set in platinum and asked for it to be wrapped elegantly.
She had just paid and was dropping the ring into her bag when both the rain stopped and she heard the sound of a bus a little down the street.
'Oh my God' she cried out as the astonished clerk was in the middle of thanking her for her patronage.
Victoria flung the door to the shop open and ran frantically down the street toward the bus.
"please wait, please wait, please God make the bus wait' pleaded Victoria fearing she would break a heal or die from breathing so hard.
Fortune smiled upon her because a boy with a bicycle knocked on the side of the bus and was allowed to attach his bike and get aboard.
At that very moment Victoria, fighting for calm and composure , trying not to gasp stepped elegantly on to the bus.
She dropped her change into the machine and then looked shyly into the chocolate pools that were the gentle eyes of the thirty something young driver.
'How are you this evening miss' he asked nervously but longing to stare forever into those starry blue eyes. He silently thanked his sister who shared a flat with him for washing and carefully ironing his uniform to perfection.
'I, I am well thankyou, and how are you?'
Victoria thought her heart would burst with love. Her legs felt weak and she wanted to giggle like a little girl.
'Fine, just fine thankyou. The little tag on the young man's jacket said Trevor and the name echoed over and over into the young woman's giddly mind.
'Hey driver, can we move along please, before someone here gets a year older?
A rapper type shaking his head at the absurdity of a woman who looked richer than Donald Trump riding the bus just to make eyes at a guy who probably thought macaroni and cheese gourmet food had shouted out the words and most of the other passengers laughed and became interested in the scene before them.
Hastily Victoria made her way to the middle , her usual seat was available, and Trevor the driver glared at the youth through the mirror and pulled out away from the curb.
When Victoria said goodbye and hungrily grabbed one last look at the object of her dreams two blocks before her palatial home, and Trevor sadly said goodnight, she stepped into the dark only to be met with the words' so you've done it again eh?
"Oh daddy why can't you leave me alone, I have a right to care about a decent hard working guy, that's the same as you were when you were young.
Her father , dressed in dress pants and a cashmere sweater over a white silk shirt sighed.
"You have to stay with your own kind honey, there is only tragedy in bringing such a boy into your world. He would sooner or later long for his one and you would too. Now come on , your cousins are here and wanting to spend time withyou."
"Yes, fine' answered Victoria icily.
Two nights later when Victoria was left on fifth avenue by her chauffeur she felt she could die before it was time to take the bus back. Her father had insisted on her coming home in the limo but she had said she might go late in her shopping.
Finally the clock ticked for the time of the bus and with a soaring heart and determination to ask Trevor for coffee the blond beauty strolled down the street.

Mr,Shaw was laughing with his wife and brother on the patio of their three storey home when a shriek met his ears.
The three jumped up and ran into the living room.
There , tears streaming down her eyes was Victoria, clutching her heart.
'What have you done, what have you done daddy?
What is it honey, Charles what is she talking about.? Mrs. Shaw was frightened and ran to her daughter only to be pushed away,.
"It had to be done honey. And if you care about him let it be. I gave him and his sister more money than they would make in ten years. They will be happy in their new lives, let it be.'

Victoria pulled her sweater closer about her thin body and moved her cramped legs . She wondered where she was but she did not especially care.
She was on a bus, this time to nowhere for all she cared,.
They would find her and bring her back, but for now she was alone with her thoughts. Thoughts about Trevor, thoughts about reality.
Deep inside she was sure her father was right, this had been after all only a dream. But it had been so precious.
The Greyhound sped down the highway under the cold stars and Victoria fell back asleep mouthing the name Trevor . A tiny smile played upon her face and for a little while she had peace.