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Thread: Truly great short stories

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    In my opinion Dostoevsky's White Nights is a really great short story. Everyone should read it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edmond View Post
    What is the best short story of ALL TIME?
    I don't know about "of all time" - but these are phenomenal

    Moths in the Arc Light by Sinclair Lewis

    The Californian's Tale by Mark Twain

    A Clean Well-Lighted Place by Hemingway

    The Rich Boy by F Scott Fitzgerald

    all are very short - and all 4 will always be unforgettable to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by keilj View Post
    A Clean Well-Lighted Place by Hemingway
    Good one, I love reading it out loud.
    "Personal note: When I was a little kid my mother told me not to stare into the sun. So once when I was six, I did. At first the brightness was overwhelming, but I had seen that before. I kept looking, forcing myself not to blink, and then the brightness began to dissolve. My pupils shrunk to pinholes and everything came into focus and for a moment I understood. The doctors didn't know if my eyes would ever heal."

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