I just finished reading this story and I really enjoyed it. I rather like Maupassant's writing and it seems in many ways we are of a same mind in our views about human society and the human psychology.

Out of what little I have read so far In The Wood was a bit more upbeat than his other works though it was still a touch bittersweet in nature. It was quite a charming little story while still touched in sadness. Like his other works (from what I have read) it seems to have an important message to impart to us.

How indeed sometimes we get too caught up in the things that appear important, the materialism, that we neglect the things that are truly important until it passes us by before we even notice and then we attempt to recapture those fleeting moments feeling regret for all the time we have let ourselves live without them.

I think that the lessons of this story are turly timeless and I think many can relate. It also refelcts that no matter what. No matter how much time has passed and what has happend the passion never really dies. It is still there even if perhaps it has gown dormat.