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Thread: A brief analysis of Tintern Abbey

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    A brief analysis of Tintern Abbey

    In the poem "Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey" Wordsworth is trying to recapture a feeling about a part of the countryside that he had visited five years before by re-constructing the memory and tracing it over what he sees on this visit. The feeling he has is one of peace, "The day is come when I again repose" and also one of beauty, "The beauteous forms, through a long absence, have not been to me". He explains that he turns to these memories, "O sylvan Wye! thou wanderer through the woods, how often has my spirit turned to thee" and they have helped him appreciate nature as the years have passed since his last visit. Wordsworth also explaining that nature in its purest forms like the scene he is decribing is free of the evils of humanity, "Nature never did betray". He concludes by stating that the hills were, " More dear, both for themselves and for thy sake", which to him joins his pure thoughts with nature.

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    Basic - you missed the recasting of the Edenic myth, and the fall from Paradise. He is unable to reconnect with nature in the way he would have liked, but through memory, he is able to recapture his lost wholeness, and channel that into poetry.

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    Tintern Abbey is a poem that describes Wordsworths development of love for nature in various stages.First he is attracted and inspired by the beauty of nature and then he finds spiritual meaning in it.For him nature becomes a godess whom he worships.His imagination and memory play an important role in this development.
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    The poem Tintern Abbey seems to be only an personal experience of the poet which is not possible for all. As Nature was the breath for the poet and he succeeded to be a part of her, he feels joy in the midst of nature. This is the ultimate reality that God created nature only with immense joy to which man was a part and parcel . But we have deviated from nature and now we have exploited her considering it as a source of fulfilling our endless desire. Therefore, we have been experiencing rage of nature and ultimately mankind is in the verge of extinction. Let us stop abusing nature.
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    Tintern Abbey

    Wordsworth's Tintern Abbey is a delicate orchestra of delicate feelings during, before and after his rendezvous with nature, in the course of his intense adoration of and tranquil meditation on nature. The poem, as it were, is a delineation of Wordworthian Weltanschauung.

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