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Thread: Short Story Recomendations

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    Short Story Recomendations

    Someone recomended the works of Guy de Maupassant to me but I have no idea where I should begin. So I am open to suggestions and recomendations.

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    Maupassant and One or Two stories of His a Night

    I find it hard to devote all quality time to essensial philosophical reading of romance and great literature, but I have managed to find some time, reading persistently at least one, two, or three stories a day. It helps me. At times, you may need the works of a writer like Maupassant. In a month or two, you shall have completed reading some of his best, then you continue the practice without fail. In a few months, you shall have obtained truly rich and powerful literary influence from a particular writer. As of maupassant, I like almost all, but must say some of them are better than the others...His plays are wonderful too. If you want to laugh, try the play "La Paix Du Menage" and the short story " The lively Friend" for a day. If you feel good about reading them, let me know. Aye

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    The works of Guy De Maupassant 1917 ed Stratford Press

    Green hardback book with arrow logo on front. Madame Tellier's Establishment and short stories. Translations and critical and interpretator Alfred De Sumichrast. Fair condition. All pages still bound. Looking to sell. Make best offer.

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