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Thread: First Day of Spring

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    First Day of Spring

    'I told you six times to finish making your bed and get in here for breakfast. Why don't you two ever listen?'
    Jan was already in a bad mood and it was only six fifteen in the morning.
    Her twins, eight year old Alexi and Adam were as slow as molasses on a frigid day today and she needed to get them to their grandmother's by seven. Her boss had been in a *****y mood the day before and that meant anyone in the office could be sacked just like that. It was how Mr. Merlow dealt with his temper. As soon as he ruined a life he calmed down and was happy again for a month or two.
    'I've got to stop procrastinating and look for another job before I join Kelly, Lois and Tammee in the job seeking line up' Jan told herself for the hundredth time in as many days.
    But it was tramatic to start over again, she had managed to stay with the firm for six years and she didn't want to start again as the lowest employee under a bunch of twentie year olds.
    A crash and Jan ran into the twins bedroom. There on the hardwood floor was a flopping gold fish and a broken fish bowl and a now wailing Alexi. She knew Adam had done the foul deed because he was standing staring up at the ceiling, a sure sign.
    'Don't step near the glass, come away and get on the bed, now , right now!
    'Okay mommie' came the small voices in unison, only Alexi's was trembling.
    'You're an evil jerk Adam' Alexi snarled and her brother frowned and made a sign of thumbs down to her. That in turn made her wail in anger.
    Jan had streaked into the kitchen, filled a rose bowl with water and with disgust picked up the gasping goldfish by a fin and thrown him in.
    "There you go girl, live, please live.'
    By the time Jan had cleaned the room of all glass it was nearly seven.
    'Oh my God, come on get dressed, you can eat and drink at nana's house.
    'But mommy'
    'Don't but me, now, get dressed now or I will spank the both of you!'
    'You can't its against the law' whined Adam as he struggled with his t shirt.
    'Oh well it's not against the laws of this house and they come first!'
    'Don't yell at us mommy that is bad, it gives us bad nerves, nana said so and teacher said so.'
    Jan whirled around her face turning scarlet.
    'You told your teacher I yell at you sometimes?'
    'yes, we both did mommy and teacher said maybe you should take anger management.' Alexi was looking at her mother with compassion.
    Jan suddenly burst into tears. She sat on the floor and just kept crying.
    'Oh mommy don't cry, we love you.' please don't cry' begged the twins flinging themselves against her. Alexi kissed her mother's damp cheek and Adam rubbed her head which made her fine red hair stand on end.
    'I am sorry loves, it has been so hard with daddy gone a whole month. I will try harder, promise. I am so sorry.'
    'That's okay mommy.'
    In ten minutes the family was ready and headed for the car.
    The air was fresh and a tiny mist of rain had started making everything very green around them and the smell of the rain hitting the dust was heavenly.
    'Oh mommy look how pretty the world is today' shouted Alexi jumping up and down as she did when very happy.
    "yes today is the first day of spring and it is lovely' said Jan breathing deeply and having flashes of being a child in spring. She felt peaceful for a moment, happy and very young.
    The three stood very still just taking in the budding plants and early flowers, the golden sunlight falling about them , the joyful sound of birds.
    After a minute or so the sound of a barking dog somewhere down the street called the three to attention. The magic was over. The stress began again.
    'Now sit down properly, I mean it 'Jan hated the seat belting of the children, they squirmed so.
    ''Mommy you promised, no yelling.'
    'Yes yes I 'm sorry, now stop fidgeting.
    'Hello neighbor' came Mrs. Stenton's voice from her verandah where she picked up her news paper each morning.
    'Hello' answered Jan praying the old woman would not start a conversation.
    "first day of spring, pretty ain't it?'
    'Yes, yes it is , have a nice day Mrs. Stenton'
    'Thanks you too.
    Mrs. STenton watched the car pull away from the curb.
    'Nice family, and such a kind calm mother' she mused as the car disappeared around the corner.

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    Life is a story and this one is so true. Like Spring hides winter we put out our best to a world who will never really know or understand us.

    I liked it.

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    Oh thank you very much. I often find the reality of what I live or see is more able to touch a heart than something contrived.

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