Here I am, once more, in a state I am quite often in.
A deep hollow feeling in my chest.

Although my heart is rapidly beating beneath my chest.
I feel less alive than ever.
You're not to blame, please don't take it that way afterwards.
It's not at all your fault, It's me.

There has always been something wrong with me.
I don't know why I even felt I had a chance, let alone deserved one.
You are utter perfection and I am nothing but a withered, broken soul, that
by some strange act of god was overtaken by your beauty.

No matter how broken I was, the warm water in the tub somehow created
a false happiness inside me.
I leaned my head against the cold hard porcelain, and tried with my best
attempt to again conjur your face in my mind.
Although the blurry unfocused image I saw did you not an ounce of justice.
I smiled at the sight of your pale blue-grey eyes, over average sized nose,
full lips, beautifully structured jaw... all perfect imperfections twisted into the
only slice of heaven I would ever recieve.

A warm tear dripped down my face, although I'm not quite sure why. It was
almost as if you created a protective barrier from myself, causing me to
numb, because I suddenly became aware of my half beating broken heart
that yearned for you.

My mind disconnected from my body, and my heart now controlled my actions.
I closed my eyes once again picturing your face as I slid deeper into
the tub.
The warm water surrounded my face trying to pry its way past the
pressure I had created by holding my breath.

I smiled once, and took a deep breath.
Icy knives ripped at my chest.
My last thought...
I love you Stan.

mkay thats the introduction of my new story Resurfacing.
Tell me if you think I should continue.
Anything I should change!
Very open to criticism!
Give Opinions!

Also tell me if I made any grammar mistakes, I suck at catching them.