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Thread: Quick Question on "Dream of a Ridiculous Man"

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    Quick Question on "Dream of a Ridiculous Man"

    I read somewhere that in "Dream of a Ridiculous Man", the dream that he has is a religious awakening. I hadn't seen anything that indicated that the dream he had was necessarily religious; I know he came to love his fellow human beings, but one doesn't necessarily need to be religious to do that. Did I miss something in the story that tied his experience to Christianity?
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    In my opinion, there are a lot of details that confirm the religious experience in this tale. When the ridiculous man arrives to the new world, finds a sort of Eden without any sin, or evil. Later he claims to be the one who corrupted those people, and at the end he wants to suffer and die for them on the cross. Moreover, Dostoevskij wrote this tale in 1877, during a period of strong mystical quest. The ridicolous man recalls Alyosha in Brother Karamazov, or prince Myshkin. They are the Dostoevskij's deal man.

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    Of all Dostoevsky work possibly this one is my favorite. He summarises all his religious,psychological and political genius in twenty electrifying passionate pages. So inspirational.

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