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Thread: Paradise Apprehended

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    Paradise Apprehended

    Mayhap in youth thou wast obliged to read,
    For reason unbeknownst or unreveal’d
    Or e’en set forth though not well understood,
    A poem, like the world, devoid of end;
    And somewhat sparsely stocked with full-stops, too,
    Though forc’d full as a feather’d Christmas goose
    With sub-clauses, enbracketed asides,
    Diversions in parentheses unseen
    And colons scatter’d: broadcast, as might be
    From out the hand of God like silver’d stars
    Thrown careless ’pon the darkling firmament
    In multitudes to mortal mind confound:
    Which – and here we’re harking back to ‘poem’ –
    Was billed in the curriculum or notes
    As perhaps the greatest blank-verse epic work
    In English; or in any other tongue:
    And ploughing through it, line by turgid line,
    As one compelled to eat a sheepskin rug,
    Thou mayst have wondered what the bloody hell
    Could be the gain, of knowledge, or of joy,
    Despite whate’er grades thou wouldst achieve
    To rise to high Academe.

    Fair point.
    In truth, the lumpen tone of Paradise
    is such a product of its time
    That it’s of int’rest only to those few
    To whom Milton is Hist’ry (not High Art!)
    As ‘twere a mammoth cold-preserv’d in ice.
    On top of that, the poem’s moral stance
    And theologick thrust are obsolete.
    Age of Reason, my spare freaking rib.
    E’en as metaphor it’s pretty lame.
    Were style and content not enough to zonk
    Thee off to sleep as might a hand-cupped draught
    Of Lethe’s flow or poppy’s Orient sap,
    Then John’s insistent soporific iambs
    Thumping like a party down the hall
    Will spirit dull and senses all benumb.
    Ti-dum ti-dum ti-dum ti-bloody-dum.

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    That was hilarious!

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