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Thread: Which AUDIO sounds more NATIVE to you?

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    Smile Which AUDIO sounds more NATIVE to you?

    good evening everyone!

    thank you for your generous help with my previous question.

    Linked below are two audio of verbatim script from 2 readers.


    Wuld be you so kind as to spare 1 minute or 2 and let me know your intuition and commentson the audios?

    Mny thanks in advance!

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    anyone would help me out please??

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    Sure, I'll help. They both sounded fairly decent though neither were perfect. To my ear, and I'm no expert, No1 seemed to blur the consonants while No2 seemed to not hit the perfect sound for certain vowels. I think No2 was more "native" to me. I think if No1 slowed down and tried to articulate the consonants more fully he would improve significantly.

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    No. 2 seemed more native to me. I couldn't understand some of the words on the first one, the second seemed a little clearer.
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    @virgil, papayahed: thank you guys so much! I appreciate your comments!

    The script:

    Well, here's a story for you: Sarah Perry was a veterinary nurse who had been working daily at an old zoo in a deserted district of the territory, so she was very happy to start a new job at a superb private practice in North Square near the Duke Street Tower. That area was much nearer for her and more to her liking. Even so, on her first morning, she felt stressed. She ate a bowl of porridge, checked herself in the mirror and washed her face in a hurry. Then she put on a plain yellow dress and a fleece jacket, picked up her kit and headed for work.

    When she got there, there was a woman with a goose waiting for her. The woman gave Sarah an official letter from the vet. The letter implied that the animal could be suffering from a rare form of foot and mouth disease, which was surprising, because normally you would only expect to see it in a dog or a goat. Sarah was sentimental, so this made her feel sorry for the beautiful bird.

    Anyone else would kindly offer his/her comment?

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