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Thread: The memoirs of the real d'Artagnan!

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    The memoirs of the real d'Artagnan!

    Project Gutenberg has now the first part of the memoirs of the real d'Artagnan, on which Dumas based his story, with his real friends, on the net!

    Only in French, though, but for the ones who are gifted and want to read it. It seems extremely funny!

    Les Mémoires de Mr d'Artagnan (1700), Gatien Courtilz de Sandras
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    This book can also be found on Google Books as well.
    Link: [ ]
    English Translation.

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    I found several English versions of this on Amazon, very expensive (as Mr. Dink would say lol), does anyone know where I can get a copy of it translated into English?

    I found this version:

    but it seems like if there's 3 parts, it'd be more than 376 pages long wouldn't it?

    Ps. sorry for renewing such an old thread
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