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Thread: "Fall of Green Statue," "#1," and "Noon"

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    "Fall of Green Statue," "#1," and "Noon"

    Fall of a Green Statue

    The Guv’na,
    He says you got to leave
    As he writes on his recruitment pamphlets:
    “I don’t want no teenage queen,
    I just want my… deportee?”
    The patents of American generosity
    Have gone
    And you are no longer welcome

    Huddled in the corner
    We drew on each other.
    I shapes and lines
    And you; you wrote on my wrist:
    “’The time has come,’
    The walrus said,
    ‘To wash off these scrawls.’”
    I can still see
    Their fading impression.


    You’re in Kafka’s penal machine.
    **** on ****, rice pulp’s the only sustenance
    Heart of the French metro
    Arches and benches and tunnels and things
    A spinning-top time watch
    Removed by a dosed, lysergicized friend
    White, fluttering fairies
    Love the bomb; your lover
    Amazon huntress with butterfly wings
    Las Vegas lights
    DEA agents up your ***
    Silicone dildos found next to spikes
    Heroin in the veins
    More addictive than a messy bedroom
    V-2 missiles point in my direction,
    My erection
    Your predilection for fears and mirrors and shiny things
    Shiny rings, shiny cars, shiny sars.
    Facemasks are a must for this musk.


    It’s busy during midday sun
    Most of us on lunch break
    Till even two hours past,
    Depends on the job
    We eat at Mcdonald’s,
    Burger King even.
    I’d like a number ten;
    Coke, no ice.
    I can have more soda that way.
    When noon to two comes,
    I’m still sleeping,
    Hungover from the Wednesday night before
    Unless I have to wake up;
    Pay my parking tickets.

    I normally wouldn't post my poetry on a forum, but I'm quite proud of these three pieces. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
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