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Thread: The Wizard of Oz Youtube Project

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    The Wizard of Oz Youtube Project

    Hey Literature - I need your help!
    I recently wrote a thesis of sorts for my literature qualification. Because this type of qualification is new, the special examiners do like to see some form of use of technology outside the realms of Word processors and a level of creativity.
    In around 2 weeks time, i have to make a formal presentation about my 23 page book of an essay detailing how it came to be through drafting and research etc. To really wow the examiners i have made a youtube channel with a single introductory video where people can respond.
    Although the original idea was to present this essay with a global community response to the points i had raised as well as being interactive and technology based. Since thinking on it and asking close friends to contribute, it has become more than that (in my mind anyway).
    Im really hoping it snowballs into something amazing because whenever i discuss the wizard of oz with people, they seem to find their inner child and thats something i want to share.
    But it seems to be failing at every turn with fellow students all too shy to go first and a copyright claim on the audio track which has since been swapped.
    I would be honoured it the people of this forum and therefore true diehard fans, would help me get this project rolling, rescue it from disaster and create a video response.

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    Really need your help.
    The presentation for this youtube project was due tomorrow, but has been put off until tuesday in order to rally some form of youtube response.
    Beginning to panic a little now....please help!

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