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Thread: Hidden Kiss

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    ...I always thought it was a dimple.

    I knoooow this is like forty years too late lol but i was searching to see what it actually was and stumbled upon this.

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    This is a fairly old topic, but here's what the IMDB FAQ says:
    In the book, J.M.Barrie refers to Peter being in the faces of many women who are not yet mothers and some who are. One interpretation of his meaning is that for girls becoming women, there is one kiss (which is physically portrayed by the dimples at the side of the mouth) that is for Peter Pan, partly due to the inner child in whose imagination Never Land and Peter Pan are wonderful and idealistic, and partly due to the growing up woman who sees Peter as a friend and a love, even if they are older (such as Mrs. Darling), he is like a childhood crush that you meet when you are grown, and the kiss is still reserved for him.

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    Smile I know this is very late..

    JM Barrie seems like the type that would love to keep people wondering.
    So the Hidden Kiss could be any one of those things listed, or it could be something totally different.
    It's all a part of his plan for us all to use our imagination to come up with something fantastic. (:
    That's what I think...
    The other ones are good answers too. I like them a lot.

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    I was watching one the recent live action film of Peter Pan and I was curious as to what was meant by the Hidden Kiss, I went on google and found this thread.. and through reading your posts it helped me make a connection between the hidden kiss and something that was said in an excerpt When Wendy Grew up.
    It seems as though, based on what Barrie wrote in that (link can be found below) explains that Wendy's adventures with Peter Pan will occur to her daughter, and her daughter's daughter to whatever end... so I think its pretty safe to assume that it also happened to Mrs Darling she went off with to Neverland, and the kiss that was Mrs Darling's belonged to Peter, as did Wendy's Kiss and so it goes on...

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    **** FORGOT TO POST THE LINK! ****
    here is the link i forgot to post in the previous reply!

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    The Hidden Kiss

    Hi. I love the book Peter Pan and so I thought I would express my thoughts on what the hidden kiss is. The hidden kiss is a very special kiss hidden in the corner of a woman's mouth. It cannot be given to anyone, but rather it is only given to someone very special - i suppose its like a soul mate. I believe that the hidden kiss is the purest and most perfect expression of love between soulmates. When Wendy is told she has the hidden kiss, she only gives it to Peter Pan because he is in essence her soulmate.

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    I always thought that it was a small patch of pink that exceeds the lip. I have one and was always told it was a hidden kiss. Like, there is the shape of my lip and then on one side in the corner there's a little patch of pink that goes below my actual lip. It's hard to see but it's there.

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