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Thread: Under the Moon

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    Under the Moon

    I wrote this poem some years ago when I was feeling a bit down.

    On a rocking chair
    A whisper of nostalgia
    Tears slide down the cheeks

    Of beauty so fair
    Hurt with deep melancholia
    Nepenthe she seeks

    Myriad of dreams rise
    Alloy of gold and silver
    In Utopia’s fire

    Ephemeral eyes
    Seeking a golden feather
    Consumed in a pyre

    The eyes of the moon
    Avert to a far distance
    Silk threads disappear

    The heart in a swoon
    An amaranth gives fragrance
    But demands a tear
    Vanitas vanitatum, dixit Ecclesiastes, vanitas vanitatum, et omnia vanitas.

    Yo sé quién soy, y sé que puedo ser no sólo los que he dicho. - Don Quixote

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    Just read this (only recently joined the forum) and i think it very good. I like words like 'nepenthe' they should not be forgotten.

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