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Thread: To freedom.

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    To freedom.

    One for your benign touch, one for my touch
    Oh spirit of freedom let thy mighty banner
    Pass over the unbidden bush with your clarion
    Wave thy lightning lance and brave the slaves
    Like the ferocious western wind burning with
    Feverish skull
    Swording the hungry oppressors and mirroring
    Their pelf
    The wide sparkle of your movement putting
    To shame enflaming
    The glories of tempered self with
    Melancholy tinge ungaining
    The fenced gleam of your bloodless sacrifices
    And caresses
    Demolishing the hundred gates of frauded
    Beleagured oppressors.

    For many an ages I have pondered and piled
    Arrayed in wisdom’s hand gleaned over dull cide
    Suffered the quenchless agonies
    Degraded at the jester’s hand
    Of no avail the raven’s laugh or other
    Palsyfying venoms
    Stood under castled walls of vermin & swallowed
    Falsehood’s fallen estate each brick and canker
    Till silent became revolt and wounds the thistle
    Of slavish tendrils paving the way
    To sufferings and decay
    At the hands of men breathing their pungent glaik.

    Here on earth all things conspire to add more
    Linked chains
    To existence and its punishment redeemed as worms
    Far away things dissolve like stray air while
    The misery of littleness combs her hair
    And clasp each sanctioned knave
    With tight knit hands like rust colour fog
    Thick in throat
    Embossing each yondle and hoary eyed with
    Stampeded stone
    The dogs that guard their masters with empty
    Coarser fangs
    Night a failure like past frozen contained in lanes
    Of ordinariness gathered in upgraded braces of
    Boredom and fanes.

    Rekindle oh spirit all the faded memories
    Of mine
    Quench with burning breath this
    Uncompanioned hand
    Enlarging my thoughts with new sense found
    Tired sameness of finches’ song in some brunt isle.
    Wandering with cleft wanderers of visions
    Clasp my hand and unfurl your flag then fly away
    Out of this life’s everlasting misery
    Its multitudinss nothingness
    The grandeur of your thoughts beyond our
    Little kens.
    Cover the tired eyelids with oblivion or embalm
    With your knifed reeds all my willowed solitary songs.

    The dead drunk judge of our fate sits on
    His high throne and changing the scenes on
    The curtained stage
    Every hour we act our little part soft salined
    When enamoured hands rise to pay salutations
    To canters of maze.
    In one act we act as fools to please
    The jocund public or our humiliations. In other
    Acts we persuade ourselves to act as amassers
    Of fortunes, a gay lord of septet castles
    A prince of darkness
    Like wild vipers when we stand apart from stage
    And see all our mean hemlocks drained to soil the cage.

    The truth is there to look but heart never accepts
    Turning recuddling on its pampered steed
    The hazardous tracks
    Of wooded worldly paths, of envy of other’s fate
    Riches of masters or deeds of anchored slaves
    Each bosom here bears the bewildered bondage
    Looking the way to Buddhahood spurned from intent.
    Teach me to see that the world has as much reality
    As myself and accumulation of grief does not
    Make it inenser. Let not the stars melt into
    Sobs which encroaches
    The liberty to define think choose and of endurance.

    Speed sagaciously freedom with your emblem flying
    Despising and putting to shame this dull race
    And all its kind
    When stabbed and starved your followers
    Unheralded undermined
    Ring back the curtains that obstruct
    Your follow through brine
    Ring out the hampered pinnacle
    That sultered every breath
    Fence out the bondage that consumed
    The gory skin and ketch.

    Every ray of individuality
    Every visage grand concealed
    As if in the furnace of living
    Burnt all the unwanted deeds
    Purge away my belittled life with spectral gleams
    Limitless be thy reach for flowers in gilded fields
    Cast then as your prey downy slumbers of intellect
    Give hopes to reapers of liberty of unyielding sect.

    Durlabh Singh(C) 2009.

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    It is suffused with philosophy, beauty, meaning and what not.

    “Those who seek to satisfy the mind of man by hampering it with ceremonies and music and affecting charity and devotion have lost their original nature””

    “If water derives lucidity from stillness, how much more the faculties of the mind! The mind of the sage, being in repose, becomes the mirror of the universe, the speculum of all creation.

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