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Thread: The Return

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    The Return

    Has anyone here read Conrad's short story "The Return"? I found the moral conflict between husband and wife to be quite melodramatic in regards to today's novels...but that is what makes Conrad great, right?

    I also found the imagery in the beginning (the husband and the mirror images) to be remarkably good. I could see this in a movie format for sure. Anyway, I would love to get some feedback on other thoughts, questions, comments, etc.

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    I've just read The Return. Is the conflict between husband and wife merely melodramatic? I feel it's something more.

    Conrad invites us in to the unstable psyche of this middle-of-the-road husband. We are indirectly shown his disillusion, growing self awareness and existential terror: hallmarks of the human condition. We infer similar things in the wife, but like the husband, the synthesis of these is less than convincing. Life and human beings are far from simple.

    I am left feeling decidedly unsteady. A fine story raising more questions than answers.
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