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Thread: paradise lost. Miltons use of language.

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    paradise lost. Miltons use of language.

    hiya, im writing a dissertation on Paradise lost for advanced higher english and I am way over my head!

    My teacher says that i dont have enough analysis on Miltons use of language in the verse when describing Satan. I know about the use of flattery toward beelzebub and the other fallen angels but after that im stuck!

    Please could all you clever people maybe show me a few quotes from the poem in which Milton uses impressive techniques when describing or characterising Satan?

    Thanks. xxx

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    Hi I am not really sure what you are asking however, in Book I Satan is described as someone who is full of pride which is why he was cast out of heaven. Milton also states 'His mighty Stature;' (line 222) which indicates Satan was powerful. Mayby this is why some Romantic poets thought Milton favoured Satan and not God.

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