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Thread: Rebel theme in H. Hesses "Steppenwolf"

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    Rebel theme in H. Hesses "Steppenwolf"

    I'm working on my subject to the oral matura(sth like british A-Levels) exam. I have a subject about which a have to make a speech. Mine is: "Theme of a rebelious hero in literature". Apart from books from classics of polish literature I'm seeking for sth from modern written word. Sb told me that "Steppenwolf" will fit in my subject, but the problem is that I didn't read that book. Could sb who read it tell me is there any rebel motive in that book, and is it significant(I mean: Could I really say sth about it?). From reviews I can only see that the main problem of that novel is seeking one's identity in modern world, partly by rebel, true, but it seems not the (one of) main point.
    Thanks in advance for help.

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    Steppenwolf is about a man with a dual nature, that of the wolf which he keeps under wraps and does not want to show the world, and that of man. In a sense he is a rebel, as he rebels against the bourgeious society, but he may not be a rebel in the sense you are looking for. He mostly rebels against himself, and is trying desperately to run from his own suicide and find life. Hope this helps you some.

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