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Thread: What were those teachers thinking?

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    loquacious cat mrawr
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    What were those teachers thinking?

    hehe.... okay it's quarter to midnight, and i've almost completed one of three dealines for tomorrow.... Pardon the horrible poem, but sitting up and waiting for an entry about some silly war, that will complete your history essay, does things to you.... (exams coming up, and applications for IB due soon, so the teachers are smothering us..)

    After working for a perilous 24-hours,
    On top of the last three sleepless days,
    And awake nights,
    Your brain will start to feel mushy,
    You’re not quite sure,
    If those two are being
    Friendly, or whether it’s just you.
    Voices double, visions blur.
    Your 2000 word essay, vanishes mysteriously
    As you tried to delete a typo,
    And you can’t understand what that
    Beeping sound is, but it howls in your ears,
    When you try to type.
    Physics isn’t working, half your group is “out-of-reach”
    The problem remains, that there’s 8 hours ‘till deadline,
    When it would seem more appropriate
    To be headed for death row.
    The Danish essay doesn’t work, you can’t compare Andersen to
    Túrell, when one loves the country, and the other
    Would have it killed.
    At least my history teacher will be pleased,
    The French revolution was rather a breeze,
    I seem to forget…
    Was it King Louis of France,
    That invented that term, what was it again…
    Ohm’s law, or gravity…
    Oh… the lamp’s repaired…
    AH! He invented the “mc2”!

    It has occured to me that doing History, Danish and Physics, while trying to read Frankenstein is a really bad idea.... nothing for it... must pass a bilangual examination...
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    Haha! Poor student.

    Hope the examination went well.
    "Man was made for joy and woe;
    And when this we rightly know
    Through the world we safely go" Blake

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    loquacious cat mrawr
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    3,020 went...allright.....
    i managed to pass of that i had read all of Frankenstein (only got through the fisrt to chapters, but started going on about arogant mail lead, and made lots of references to the first two chapters, and when mny teacher enqured about my enthusiasm for the first two pages, i explained, that i had learned so much from them, that they really were a good example of the books genre.... she sounded impressed.....i felt guilty... but this is a term grade we're dealing with!!! hehe...)
    As for the reports, i finished them.. little overdue on the danish essay, but okay.... it happens....

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    That going to be me in three days. It's fun knowing how awful things will be before hand.

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