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Thread: Looking for an argument.

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    Looking for an argument.

    Hello, I'm a college student in my first half of sophomore year, and I'm looking for a bit of a brain spark for a research paper I have to do.

    I'm doing the paper on the books 1894 and The Handmaid's Tale, and I need to come up with some sort of argument to do my paper on. Argument as in, I have to come up with a thesis statement, and I have to find proof to back it up.

    Right now I'm contemplating something involving the idea of "freedom from" and "freedom to", but I'm otherwise kind of lost.

    So, I'm NOT LOOKING for someone to write my paper for me, or to go into great detail on anything, I'm just wondering if anyone has any short quips of ideas for an argument that might spark a further in-depth idea on what to do?

    Again, I'll repeat, I'm not looking for help on writing the paper. I'm just here to see if anyone has anything that'll give me a spark of an idea to go off of.

    Thanks ahead of time to anyone who helps!
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    Just a few thoughts off of the top of my head, probably not much use:

    Authoritarian and religious control
    Sexual freedom (lack of)
    All seeing state Vs individual choice
    Use of media to control individuals
    The authorial power of the word (re-writing classical texts)
    Individual conformity to state power (how quickly people adapt to the ‘norm’)
    The use of ritual to control people (similar to religion)
    Freedom in an authoritarian society

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