Moving on, being happy , falling in love , that's a dream
Living life without failing, always finding comfort in his hugs, that's a dream Walking through life wiht a hand to hold with a friend near by, that's a dream Excepting that life will pass you by no matter what, to never cry, that's a dream

All these dreams that come to mind when you are deep in thought in that sweet sedated state of being , for me, No i could never get there, to that place where Normal dreams come and go like the rising and setting of the sun, unpredictable of when they might change,

What i dream is nothing irrational, nuthing untouchable, my dream , i do say That you carry it in your soul, but i do say that it is not in your heart ,My dream will never change ,

The dream that i do carry with me is solidly grounded inside like an immobile bolder, My dream, you may only speak it as a whisper, like a morning breeze whisking through your hair,

My dream is so powerful that is you shouted it out, the stars would fall from the sky in shock of the fact that my Dream, has stolen their mesmerizing light,

If you are obsessively interested in what my Dream may be, close your eyes and absorb these words as paper would do with ink from a pen, My dream i may not , can not,nor desire to tell you exactly what it may be, All you need to know about my dream is that, My Dream is Extraordinary!