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Thread: the leader of a no-good gang

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    the leader of a no-good gang

    brained with maggot
    they thronged my pedestal
    I crowned of plastic rose
    pricking my ears
    to and fro --

    limp body spills
    I was gutted flesh by pound
    by the demons
    thirst-stricken dumb-throated
    pregnant with buzzing
    hatching by the maggot
    empty vault of Night
    within their misered bounty

    truth is
    too bitter a drink
    untranslated stars
    so clouded by
    eruptive lightnings

    i hear a motor peculiar
    stretching its legs too long
    down highways of the soul
    and a noise to be Drunk!
    crazily screaming
    at the sky
    windily bitterly
    nothing --

    and when the noise is gone
    only the dregs remain.
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    I detect an influence of drugs in this poem.

    Forgive me if I'm wrong...

    A spitefulness is also apparent, perhaps unrequited feelings?

    All in all, a very curious poem, asking not one question in particular, in a series of highly volatile situations.

    Nonetheless it stirs curiosity within one's self, questions that I dont know the answers to, namely due to the vagueness in the asking.

    Perhaps next poem, try to hone in on one of the many feelings this poem protests.

    Thanks for your submission.


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