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Thread: a freestyle poem

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    im moving right now to coeur d'alene idaho

    a freestyle poem

    I don’t know what to say
    the words I have are not enough
    to express the amount of things boiling inside my head
    I cannot say that I have lost
    Something which I never had
    Nor can I blame anyone
    Not even myself
    For this web of hurt
    I cannot say what it is that troubles me
    Only that I hurt
    And nothing can allay this pain
    The choice is simple
    There are three
    Either all have pain
    Or only me
    Each time I leave
    When it all becomes too much
    All I hear is why cant you think of us
    Our feelings
    Our pain
    Forget yourself
    And yet
    This is not intended
    It is not what the words say
    But it is the truth
    I cannot rightly say that what they do is wrong
    And I cannot bear to hurt them
    Dear god this is all so wrong
    Why can I not just be angry
    Unreasonable and rude
    Lose my temper and blame and cast edicts of shame
    Why must I see
    All the facets of this gem
    Terrible and twisted
    Sparkling black
    I am one who wants to say that everything is fine.
    To take the pain of others,
    To make everyone smile
    But in this I cannot bear
    I try to run away
    I have never run before
    This is all so very strange.
    I try but do not understand
    Somehow I feel ashamed
    I would cry but I have no tears, to shed
    I feel sad but somehow not
    Hurt perhaps and angry
    Just a little bit
    I cant quite express the way I feel inside
    My one constant stalwart anchor
    Is pushing me aside
    To drift in stormy seas
    In a ship lying on its side
    When i'm hurting and wanting to get away
    He says to me
    I wish that you could just let this be
    And he speaks with pain in his voice
    This makes me hurt the most
    I hate to cause more hurt
    I wish I could be angry
    And push the blame away
    Instead I blame myself
    Though for what I do not know
    I try to find my way
    I know I will go on
    Alone again and now with no anchor
    where I am I do not know
    Im drifting with the tide
    In a ship sailing on its side
    Truly alone

    well here it is i wrote this during some really screwed up times
    please tell me what you think
    thankee much!

    "the less i limit my experience of life to how much of it i understand the more life i live" quote by brent elder
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    (A blast from the past: 2008) Love this baring of one's soul.

    Ta ! (short for tarradiddle),

    who am I but a stitch in time
    what if I were to bare my soul
    would you see me origami


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